Media training

Gene Randall’s Media Training clients find his method a cost-effective way to sharpen their media-readiness.  Gene teaches how best to meet the challenge of major broadcast, print and on-line interviews, and has coached in a variety of areas ranging from international affairs, politics, business and education to health-care, the environment and national security. Among others, he has helped trade association and corporate executives, international officials, Congressional witnesses and authors preparing for book tours.

Gene picks up where other trainers leave off, by putting clients through a series of on-camera interviews that represent the closest thing they will get to their actual media appearances. It is a safe learning environment keyed by a real-world approach and provides invaluable help in helping clients shape their messages.

Let Gene Randall help you level the media playing field. All-arrangements-made training sessions, even on short notice, can be held in any location convenient to the client. Very competitive rates that offer a high return.

Also available: speech training, with time-tested methods that enable business leaders and others to transform a major address from effective to compelling.

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